America's largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention & trade show.

Where to Start

Here are a few tips on how to get a good start at your first Commodity Classic:


  • First, Find the Registration Area After you get settled in your hotel, find the location of the Commodity Classic registration desk, which will be located in the main convention center. There you will receive your registration packet, complete event program, meal tickets and other important information. And if you have any questions—at any time—the friendly folks at registration will be happy to help out.
  • Review Your Show Program Take a moment to look through the program schedule, the exhibitor list and trade show floor plan in the show program included in your registration packet. Circle or highlight the sessions you really want to attend. Mark the floor plan with the exhibits you want to see. Taking a little time to "plan your attack" will help you make the most of your time at Commodity Classic—and ensure that you don't miss something important to you. (If you have a smart phone, you might want to set notifications to remind you! It's easy to do with our Day Planner. Just click the "Add to My Calendar" icon next to each session.
  • Download the Free Classic App Releases mid-November for iPhone, Android, Tablets, Blackberry, Windows and other web devices.
  • Get Your Bearings If you have the time, it might be helpful to scope out the lay of the land at the event location. Find the rooms in which the sessions that interest you will be held. If you don't have time, don't worry. There are plenty of directional signs—and there is always someone around to help you get where you're headed.
  • Hang On to Your Name Badge Your name badge is required for admittance to all Commodity Classic events—including the trade show. The sleeve that holds your badge may also contain your meal tickets and other documents that you'll need during the event. And most importantly, it serves as an introduction to all the people you're going to meet at Commodity Classic!